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Madeline McClure op-ed: Prevention would prevent another child protection crisis

Madeline McClure op-ed: Prevention would prevent another child protection crisis

Photo from The Texas Tribune

From TribTalk, the op-ed section of the Texas Tribune, published February 7, 2017:

By Madeline McClure

Texas’ Child Protective Services and foster care system crises are like an impossible-to-control disease outbreak.

Lawmakers and Gov. Greg Abbott — who declared CPS an emergency item in his State of the State address — are trying to get the CPS epidemic under control. I applaud them: The $12,000 pay raises for frontline caseworkers and increased hiring recently approved by state leaders are desperately needed to stem rampant, costly employee turnover and ensure timely visits to threatened children.

But I worry that in dealing with the emergency, lawmakers are missing the antibiotic, the immunization, the most effective solution to CPS’s woes: Prevention.

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Posted on February 9, 2017.

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