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Profiles in Prevention: Knox Kimberly

Profiles in Prevention: Knox Kimberly

Knox Kimberly (pointing to his "Let's Get It Right!" pin)

Upbring, Sr. Vice President - Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations

Child Protection Roundtable Steering Committee

Why is this issue important to you?
Texas is the epicenter of the growth in the nation’s children’s population – the quality of our efforts to bring up the generation to come will be the single greatest determinant in defining the future of our great state. Accordingly, we must elevate children, youth and families as a societal priority and bring every Texan to an understanding that we all have roles to perform – beginning with promoting and practicing prevention, our first line of defense.

What prompted you to get involved?
When I relocated to Texas from Arizona several years ago, I recognized the need to bring every child up well as the greatest social challenge facing Texas – it was so obvious even before moving that I spoke about it at my Arizona farewell party! Upbring and the Child Protection Roundtable have provided me the opportunity to work with a stellar group of advocates and colleagues to seek transformative change in the child welfare system targeting those children and youth most at risk.

How does your role as a Child Protection Roundtable member impact child abuse prevention?
My leadership roles at Upbring and as a member of the Child Protection Roundtable Steering Committee afford me the opportunity to build a wide range of alliances in the hope of achieving high action and high alignment among the voices of those engaged in this vital work. These roles have also exposed me to an area of policy that is very different than my prior experience – for anyone who thinks of human services work as “soft.” think again! It is very hard work under the best of circumstances!

How would you encourage others to make an impact?
There are so many things every individual can do to help – of course, when it comes to child protection, front-line roles such as serving as a foster parent or a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) volunteer are so vital and deeply appreciated. For those for whom those types of roles are not an option, consider mentoring or volunteering for a local organization engaged in this work. Also – be an advocate! Let your elected officials know they should fully support child protection and prevention as the high priority that it is for the future of Texas!

Posted on April 16, 2017.

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