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Profiles in Prevention: Tymothy Belseth

Profiles in Prevention: Tymothy Belseth

Tymothy Belseth

Research Coordinator, Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing, University of Texas at Austin

Child Protection Roundtable, Chair of the Child Healing and Preparation for Adult Living subcommittee

Why is this issue important to you?
Protecting our state's most vulnerable children is a shared responsibility. If we invest in children affected by maltreatment, we can fundamentally alter their life trajectories in a positive way.

What prompted you to get involved?
As a person who spent my teenage years in foster care, I felt a moral obligation to work to improve the child protection system to transform the way children, youth, and families experience child welfare in Texas.

How does your role as a Child Protection Roundtable Member impact child abuse prevention?
No one has quite figured out the formula for success for teens in care. The research I conduct and subcommittee I lead will advance innovative policy and practice to best meet the needs of older kids in foster care and ensure that they have opportunities for upward mobility in society.

How would you encourage others to make an impact?
The most important thing someone can do is to become educated on the issues and be aware how child maltreatment can affect individuals and communities. I encourage everyone to learn about the needs in their area and seek opportunities to make a difference in their locality.

Posted on April 17, 2017.

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