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TexProtects Testifies in Support of Trauma-Informed Training for Education Staffers (HB 3718)

TexProtects Testifies in Support of Trauma-Informed Training for Education Staffers (HB 3718)

TexProtects was proud to join these fine allies in support of HB 3718 today. L-R, Kate Greer of Commit, Laura Herrera of Teach Plus, HB 3718 author Rep. Tan Parker, Heather Bryant of the Momentous Institute, and Jennifer Lucy and Pamela McPeters of TexProtects

Adverse childhood experiences such as child maltreatment or living in a home with mental illness, substance use, or violence can cause chronic stress and trauma that disrupts the architecture and chemistry of the developing brain. This can lead to difficulties in learning, memory, social interaction, and self-regulation.

The good news is that we know healthy relationships with supportive adults in safe environments can build the resilience and skills needed for children to overcome adversity and thrive. Simple, trauma-informed techniques can help children increase feelings of safety so that they can re-engage their “thinking” brain and engage productively in the classroom.

This is why TexProtects' Public Policy Director Jennifer Lucy testified today before the Texas House Public Education Committee today in favor of House Bill 3718, authored by Rep. Tan Parker. HB 3718 will ensure that school staff and parents are equipped with evidence-informed training on how trauma affects our students and then how to respond in ways that will de-escalate stressed responses, avoid retraumatizing our students, and create an environment of safety.

To read Lucy's full testimony, click here.

To read the text of and monitor HB 3718's progress through the legislative process, click here.

Posted on March 26, 2019.

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