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2015 (84th Legislative Session) Accomplishments

See accomplishments from other years:

  • Secured funding for Nurse-Family Partnership: Renewal of $17.8 million in State General Revenue and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families plus an additional $5.4 million in State General Revenue, increasing total biennium funding to $23.2 million

  • Renewal of $8 million in State General Revenue funding for the Texas Home Visiting Program (in addition to $36 million at the federal level)

  • Secured up to $2.8 million for abusive head trauma prevention and safe sleep initiative

  • $36 million for the Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support Project (HOPES), an increase of $25 million over the previous biennium

  • $3.2 million to provide home visitation services to military families

  • Pay increases for frontline Child Protective Services caseworkers living in high-cost, high-turnover areas and funds to increase total staff and reduce caseloads per worker

  • Legislation enabling the creation of “Pay for Success” contracts, an innovative funding mechanism using public-private partnerships to bring promising programs to scale – a strategy that could have benefits for evidence-based child abuse prevention programs

  • Legislation to improve the collection and reporting of key data regarding child abuse fatalities to inform targeted prevention interventions

  • TexProtects fought for significant changes to the Department of Family and Protective Services Sunset Bill, Senate Bill 206 – the legislation included provisions to elevate the importance of prevention and improve pay and training of caseworkers. TexProtects also helped preserve statutes requiring a bachelor’s degree for caseworkers, a 72-hour maximum response time for investigation reports, timely documentation and high training standards, among others.