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2019 (86th Legislative Session) Accomplishments

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  • Strengthened state investments in community-based, primary child abuse prevention programs for children in their most critical neurodevelopmental years: Secured an additional $1.5 million (above the previous $39.9 million) for HOPES (Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support) and an additional $2.9 million (above the previous $30.2 million) in all funds for Nurse-Family Partnership.

  • Secured an additional $5.3 million for salary increases for statewide intake staff and $8.6 million for adoption, post-adoption and post-permanency, preparation for adult living, and substance abuse client services.

  • Worked with other advocates to help obtain $57.3 million more for foster care, adoption subsidies, relative caregiver monetary assistance, and day care payments.

  • Helped obtain a total of $1.6 billion to maintain lower caseloads for caseworkers and to expand Community-based Care into two new regions and advance case management model in three existing regions.

  • Passage of Senate Bill 355, authorizing state implementation of the federal Family First Prevention Services Act, which will require certain infrastructure upgrades. Among other provisions, FFPSA marks a shift in federal spending priorities, allowing funds previously allowable only for foster care to now be spent on prevention programs.

  • Integrated trauma-informed practices into schools (House Bill 18), including trauma training as part of required continuing education credits every five years for teachers and creation of trauma-informed policy to address staff and parental awareness of the impact of trauma in each school district.

  • Increased supports for pregnant and parenting foster youth (HB 475), including provision of basic information on child safety and promotion of healthy attachment, child development and maternal health if parents choose not to participate in Project HIP.

  • Improved data collection on child care safety (SB 708), including collection and reporting of data on violations that impact the health, safety and well-being of children as well as information on the number of children and caregivers in each classroom.

  • Addressed the prevalence of maternal mortality and morbidity (SB 750) through data collected in the Health and Human Services Commission's report, State Efforts to Address Maternal Mortality and Morbidity in Texas; improvements in access to healthcare during the prenatal and postpartum period for women enrolled in the Healthy Texas Women Program.

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