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Child Protection Roundtable

The mission of the Child Protection Roundtable is to be the leading voice and driving force in child protection public policy and governmental action in Texas that:

  • Helps prevent child abuse and neglect before it occurs;
  • Ensures protection and well-being of children and youth who come into state care; and
  • Heals the ongoing trauma and other adverse consequences experienced by children and youth as the result of maltreatment.

The Child Protection Roundtable (the “Roundtable”) was founded in 2008 as a means to convene the leading voices of child protection across Texas and to empower those diverse voices to speak with unity, shared purpose and maximum impact.

The Roundtable serves as a convener for those organizations engaged in child welfare which share a child-centered common vision and seek to leverage data, resources and strategy to achieve more progress collectively than could be achieved individually.

The policy focus of the Roundtable involves the following distinct areas of concern, which taken collectively represent a continuum built around children and youth who have experienced maltreatment. The Roundtable will establish and maintain a Standing Committee to address each of these areas of policy focus:

  • Child Abuse Prevention and Early Intervention: policies, programs and practices designed to promote the prevention of child abuse and neglect before it occurs, and early intervention in family circumstances that present elevated risk of abuse and neglect to children and youth.
  • Child Protection System Improvements: policies, programs and practices to address the protection and well-being of children and youth in substitute care, including those of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as well as those of other service providers and stakeholders in the system.

By working to assure that our child protection system addresses all three priorities, we have the best hope of disrupting the intergenerational cycle of abuse and neglect through reducing and ideally eliminating the number of children and youth failed by the system, and increasing the chances that every Texas child will have the same opportunity for lifelong success as those who are so fortunate as to have their upbringing be the top priority of their families.

The CPRT is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of 5 member organizations that serve a two-year term. The current Steering Committee includes: TexProtects, Texans Care for Children, Texas CASA, National Association of Social Workers-Texas and Upbring.


  • The CPRT will hold regular meetings on a monthly basis.
  • The Standing Committees meet regularly, as needed.


If your organization is interested in joining the Child Protection Roundtable as a member or renewing your membership, please complete this form.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect Texas children from the trauma of abuse and neglect and empower families to thrive through education, research, and advocacy. Our vision is that all children are safe, nurtured, and resilient. Learn more about the work we do. You can help protect Texas children from abuse & neglect. Find out how you can help.

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