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Report Child Abuse
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TexProtects is the only nonprofit and nonpartisan advocacy organization with a singular focus: smart solutions to child abuse and neglect for the state of Texas. We are committed to providing the public with ways to get connected to much-needed resources to keep every child safe, nurtured, and resilient. Click on the images below to learn how you can participate and support TexProtects during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Child Abuse Prevention Month is here, a time to champion children, families, and rally against abuse and neglect.

This month brings special, national attention to smart solutions to abuse and neglect, but it is because of supporters like you that TexProtects can champion and amplify effective efforts that protect and restore the childhoods of Texas children year-round. 

This month, let's all recommit to championing children because together, we can prevent child abuse and neglect.

Are you ready to get started? 

Click the links below for additional information and resources related to reporting child maltreatment, getting help on individual child protection cases, resources for assistance with basic needs, and more resources through news stories we have been featured in and reports that we have released to the public.

Report abuse and neglect.

Learn how to recognize child abuse and neglect during COVID-19.

Get legal, financial, mental health, and other resource help with this list for foster youth and families.

Learn how the CPS system works in Texas with these handy flowcharts.

Check out news stories featuring interviews from our CEO, policy experts, and advocates.

Stay updated on the latest op-eds, reports, statements, and press releases from TexProtects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect Texas children from the trauma of abuse and neglect and empower families to thrive through education, research, and advocacy. Our vision is that all children are safe, nurtured, and resilient. Learn more about the work we do. You can help protect Texas children from abuse & neglect. Find out how you can help.

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